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How Drones Have Changed Real Estate

Now days differentiating your listing through high end photo and video will pay huge dividends.  Use of the latest marketing weapon in real estate is the use of dramatic drone photo and video tours for your online listings.  Some agents claim that drones are the most important new technology to enter real estate marketing since the internet.  Its very easy to see why.  Using our flying camera drones we can produce dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, ocean, mountain vistas and seamless fly arounds of gorgeous home exteriors.  For instance flying down onto a property you listed from 200 feet in the air: highlighting the details of a large, expensive property in dramatic form; then, flying fast 2 feet above the driveway right up to the front door.  We can also cover you if you want the inside of your listing filmed or photographed.  Candid Sky Productions has ground based cameras with special shoulder glide-cam like mounts that smoothly will give a walk around of the areas in the property of your choosing to put together a High Definition package of exterior and interior.

pool All video that is edited is delivered to you digitally from our cloud site of which you will download it from.   All drones are flown by qualified experienced individuals that have safety as the utmost concern.  There are some areas that have restricted air space will need FAA authorizations to fly in legally. We do have some waivers for this and will be working with them to get others if needed depending on the areas we fly in.  Also we carry up to 2.5 Million dollars of insurance on each flight. Remember when you hire a company and pilot to fly you have the right to ask to see the pilots certificate, waivers if any and insurance. We are glad to provide this to you at anytime.