Golf Course

Imagine being able to have a weekly turf report showing you exactly what is going on with your huge investment.  Candid Sky Productions can fly our drone over your course on a scheduled basis allowing your superintendents to see overall turf health and areas of turf stress. Utilizing easy to use tools, superintendents and maintenance crews can monitor all course features, equipment and areas of interest from sprinkler heads to turf stress.

Track problem areas and treatment progress

Pinpoint areas of interest with pinpoint precision  

Areas of stress can be tracked from flight to flight and included in reports showing progress towards turf health and aesthetic goals. 

Track specific turf problems such as yellowing/browning spots and watering issues. Each critical area can be monitored over time to show reductions in turf browning and water use. We specifically use Drone Deploy’s leading image processing capabilities combined with Turf.Solutions’ actionable data analysis that will equip customers with measurable imagery and turf health intelligence. Once data has been uploaded and processed in DroneDeploy, Turf.Solutions generates a custom report converting aerial imagery into measurable results. This report reviews key flight snapshots, compares flight data, and evaluates turf health metrics. It can easily be shared with golf course superintendents and management so they may take action and improve turf health and aesthetics.

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Other Services for our Golf Communities

Video Service  A drone flyover can capture a specific golf hole, illustrate the many challenges facing the golfer, highlight various shots and hazards, and situate the entire golf course geographically whether it is on a coastline, close to a city or on an island. High definition, high quality flyover videos bring a modern, technological edge to the classic game of golf. The video footage produced from flying over a golf course can be beautiful and informative, exhilarating and stunning, and frequently provides a fresh perspective on the game of golf. Additionally, this type of video flyover is easier and more cost effective to produce than ever before.

Aerial golf course video service can be used for sales, marketing, education, and more, and this is especially true in the game of golf. A well-piloted drone can follow the flight path of the golf ball or provide a “bird’s eye” view over a long par 5. Candid Sky Productions can tour an entire golf course providing photos and video for your golf tournament.

Golf Course Construction  Golf Architects and Project Managers can use drones to assist in the surveying of the land mass to assist with design by creating 3D Photogrammetry imagery. When construction starts, the aerial film from the drone will be essential to monitor the progress of the project.  A daily flyover will show the progress of landscaping, the development of water sources,  surveying the build of the clubhouse and parking etc. When the seeding takes place, it will also be very easy to view the golf course and check for patches in the seeding.

Also our drones can be used for

DEM / DTM / DSM (surface models)

Orthophoto’s (what we do for our normal service above)

3D Building Models

Contour Maps

Volumetric Surveys