Drones and Damage Assessments  – Evaluating and Preventing Risk

The use of commercial drones, has been hailed by insurance companies as an economical and safe way to do costly inspections for claims and risk evaluations.  According to a study by Price Waterhouse Cooper on the applications of drones, the emerging global market for business services using unmanned aircraft is valued at over 127 billion. The impact on insurance is expected to be 6.8 billion.

Drones just make sense for the insurer from both an underwriting perspective, helping to determine property values and conditions before issuing policies, as well as for claim and risk control after an incident has occurred. We can get drones into situations more safely, like a chemical spill or burned out home, than claims staff can. The overall risk to your employees is immensely lower by using our drone services.

Lets not forget the use of our drones for inside use, which is FAA has zero oversight.  As an example, boiler inspections. Before drones, you would have to erect scaffolding. Now a drone with a high definition camera can inspect a four story tall boiler within hours.  Endless Possibilities.

We at Candid Sky Productions are experienced and licensed to do the job for you in a safe and professional manner. And we are fully insured for the services we offer.  Contact us today to discuss your potential projects.