Candid Sky Productions was first started in 2011. The idea was to have a drone business essentially doing what we are doing now.  But, there were no laws on the books yet and media attention was getting more heated as the months went on.  John wanted to follow the rules and did not do what others were doing as in, going under the radar and flying for profit anyhow.  So the company was more of a production studio. I went to lots of aviation events including lots of remote control hobbyist contests and fun fly’s. I produced full length high definition dvds for sale in the meantime, in hopes the FAA would implement the proper laws sooner than later. Well as it turns out it was later….Much later…. Spending a few years on projects as described above it was high time for change and finally part 107 was implemented and I jumped at it. In fact I had my official license the second day the testing started. So here we are with a bright future ahead in the drone industry.  Looking to make some great relationships and support my family for years to come.  John is looking forward to working with you and sharing his passion with you.  First and foremost we follow all FAA guidelines as safety is number one.  Having experince in aviation, photography and geology.  Our years of experince can provide you with the best service you can get for your money period.

John McGrath Owner

Dan Nezgoda Vice President