drone wireDifficult or dangerous structures like buildings, bridges, electrical utilities to name a few are seeing a large influx of being inspected by the use of drones. Furthermore, other uses are roof, cellular and communications installations can be inspected with our drones in real time.  No need for climbers, no need to rent/lease a large crane or lifting machinery when you can send up a drone for pennies on the dollar.  The safety factors involved are null compared to sending people up a 200 foot tower.  All our drones are equipped with high definition cameras for photo and video. We can provide your engineers with live footage at the site for instantaneous inspections and at the same time we can record it for you for later use.

AT&T has implemented the full time use of using DJI drones for inspection of all there cellular and communications sites around the world.  They say and I quote ” Every time we use a drone it’s just one less tower to climb. Adding every tower climb that we can save provides a safer situation, or less opportunity for potential injury”.  AT&T also use drones for “birds nest” evaluations in there towers. As currently they have issues repairing or inspecting towers if there is active nesting by protected bird species.  Often climbers are unaware until they reach the top at which point climbers might already disrupted the nest or aggravated an aggressive bird.  Our drones can approach areas like this in any inspection scenario without putting stress on the equipment in question itself, and spot protected species of which is less likely to aggravate nesting birds.


Candid Sky Production drones are top of the line in safety and endurance.  We carry up to 2.5 million dollars of insurance and if needed can up that to a higher margin if you require it.  Our pilots are all experienced, safe and fully certified by the FAA.  Please contact us today with your inspection projects and we can get started serving you.

Although we can provide you with highly accurate data for certain inspections we are not certified home inspectors in Nevada nor do we certify or sell our services as such.