DEM Example from our drone

Drones and Mining

Our drones can assess hazardous areas by air that conventional equipment cannot reach, thus ensuring safety and offering numerous benefits in the mining industry. We can generate high resolutions imagery which can be further processed to produce highly precise orthophotos, point clouds and 3D models. Then surveyors and engineers can use this data to make statements and forecasts about the development of the mine, document changes as well calculate volumes of spoil and stockpiles.  In mines with both above ground and underground areas, our drones can provide important information about the state of the above ground area, thus improving the safety of the workers underground.

For those of you who are little more knowledgeable in using drones in the mining realm we use Drone Deploy and Maps Made Easy.  We find that both offer excellent data sharing capabilities with our clients and can easily export the information into all of the main stream programs being used today.

We also have on staff a Geologist with 20 years of exploration experience with remote sensing and GIS experience in environmental and exploration.

Contact our office today to discuss what your project needs are so we can quote you and move forward with working with you.

Although are maps are very accurate we are not accredited surveyors and we are not offering this. If you wish to have certified survey grade data sets a surveyor must sign off on the information and or hire a certified survey company for your mapping.

eleveation monty

Elevation Sample Monty Mining Claim


20 acre 2D orthomap Sample Monty Claim